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The Ticket to Real Relationships? Your Brand’s Value System.

Using your brand’s value system as the lens for all your communication will ensure you’re connecting with the right audiences at the right time.

Beyond the Noise

In an era of seemingly endless possibilities to connect with audiences, it’s easy for brands to be overwhelmed.

Should we be on every social media platform? Hop on every hashtag trend? Send out a weekly newsletter? Blog? Vlog? Host a clogging contest? (Who doesn’t love a good Oktoberfest clogging?)

We see it all the time: brands spread themselves thin across every platform of engagement, sharing seemingly disconnected content, in the hopes of making any connection.

A quick scan of their Facebook feed gives no indication of who that brand is, and instead, reads like that desperate friend who’ll like anything to be liked in return. That’s why it’s important to be wary of trends and why we think Vans made the right call in keeping their cool when it came to #DamnDaniel.

When your brand takes the try anything approach, you’re doing more damage than contributing to the constant barrage of meaningless noise. If your brand jumps on every hashtag, every trend, and employs every method of communication, you’re doing more than diluting your brand identity.

You’re missing an opportunity to connect with the right people.

Not your brand value but a Value System.

There’s no trick to connection. No algorithm to determine when, where, and how to share stories.

Instead, you’ve got to clearly understand the value system your company holds in order to connect to like-minded people. Your value system, then, should determine which stories you share and which you let pass.

Because when you know your value system, and use that value system as the lens through which all communication travels, you move beyond repeat customers or even brand champions to create real believers in who you are.

Believers are people who share your value system. They’re invested in everything you do and will stick with you as long as you stick to those values, stay honest, and make them feel like they’re part of your story.

So what do you care about? Where do your business and cultural goals intersect? Show us why we should invest in what you do.

Brands Who Do It Best

Check out these brands whose value systems guide their messaging:

Lyfe Kitchen: Changing fast food to create healthy communities.THINX: Modern underwear for modern women, solving real problems.Faraday Future: Innovating for the future of transportation.

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