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Avoid Bad Bill Reaction

Positioning a power company as an understanding partner is a tall order, but that's exactly what this work did. This campaign launched as the economy was floundering. Everyone was fed up with double talk and worried about the next months bills. The message here resonated with the customer base and blew away all goals and metrics.

My Role

Strategy, Planning, Writing, Creative Direction, Art Direction


Vectren Energy


Avoid Bad Bill Reaction

Team Members

Matt Brass - Designer

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The first step in navigating the avalanche of negativity was to make sure our audiences new that we understood what they were going through.

Vectren Strategy 4.png

Our communication strategy focused on transparently revealing a deeper level of understanding for our customer's economic situation without feeling forced.

We needed to say that we understand and are working for hard for them without actually saying it. Comedy was a must to offset the negatively pressurized atmosphere.

Vectren Strategy 5.png

Strategic media use is a big part of this story. The TV communication that was traditionally used was passed over in favor of communicating at "points of pain" like gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores. Anywhere the customer would be worrying about spending money. Everything pushed to a central website that educated and helped them save.


The communication kicked off with a robust internal campaign to get the employees and call center ready for what was to come. They were armed with everything they needed to help their customers avoid bad bill reaction. The campaign was a home run for customer relations and even the negative responses ended with a nod to positive understanding. It shows that if you create belonging with your audience you will MeanMore.

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