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It's Our Nature

Nucor is one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world. Surprisingly, they are also the largest single recycler globally, which allows them never to use virgin materials. That's a story that needed to be told especially to a world in which steel manufacturing is seen as a major environmental blight. A steel company that has a true environmental focus and belief is about as unique as it gets. The sustainable values of the company are at the core of their success. Telling this story required a thoughtful strategy with a focus on changing the way we view steel manufacturing.

My Role

Strategy, Planning, Art Direction, Writing


Nucor Steel


It's Our Nature

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Merely showing the sustainable and responsible things Nucor had done was only half of the battle. Our communication targets were the most skeptical people on earth. If we could reveal the difference between Nucor and the rest to them, we would win.

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The "It's Our Nature" platform became the foundation of all messaging and language company-wide. It was launched as a national campaign through traditional and digital media as well as PR to the public while dominating trade publications at the same time.

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The campaign successfully repositioned the company in a not-so-sustainable industry as a leader who thinks differently. It created more than a message about the company; it created a changed mindset—Nucor isn't just a smart steel company. They Mean More.

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