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Believing in Better

Nothing is ever good enough at Kohler. That thinking permeates the company and is central to their success. It only makes sense that their global stewardship positioning reveals that they are always looking to be better so the world can be a better place too.​ From that insight came Kohler's stewardship theme and the foundation that unified all four Kohler divisions under one sustainable umbrella: Believing in Better.

My Role

Strategy, Planning, Writing, 

Content direction and support




Believing in Better

Team Members

Kohler internal agency

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The biggest challenge when creating this stewardship communication platform was avoiding messaging that seemed like greenwashing. Everything we crafted must feel genuine and honest.

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Working with Kohler's in-house agency, the Believing in Better platform became a storytelling tool that unified across divisions and platforms. The company's legitimate desire to always push for a better world through every action they take was a believable and connecting message that gave a clear storytelling pathway.

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