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Lighting the LED Revolution

Increase sales. Increase brand value. Pave the way for consumer awareness. Put the lighting industry on notice. Those were the four goals that spawned the Revolution. This campaign created an outcry among office workers about the quality of light they were subjected to each day. That outcry grew the business and opened industry eyes across the country.

My Role

Strategy, Planning, Writing, Creative Direction



Cree LED

Lighting the LED Revolution

Team Members

Jesse Brass - Art Director

Jeremy Parker - Designer

Cree Strategy 1.png
Cree Strategy 2.png
Cree Strategy 3.png
Cree Strategy 4.png

Our audience still questioned the light quality of LEDs overall. Telling and even showing building managers and owners about the superior light quality of Cree LEDs wasn't pushing the industry fast enough.

By shifting our focus and targeting the "Florescent Zombies" of the American workforce instead of directly speaking to owners and managers, we were able to create an emotional pull that wasn't there before.

Cree Strategy 5.png

The website hub for this one year campaign became a popular place for white collar Americans to vent about the lighting in their offices spaces. They shared photos and thoughts that would then be delivered anonymously to the building manager. This campaign lived online supported by digital media, print, live events and trade shows. The social aspect was especially effective. It laid the groundwork for a major consumer push and helped put Cree at the top of the LED lighting world proving that they MeanMore.

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