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Seneca Kakona (Many Blessings)

Positioning and branding a resort is one thing. Doing it from the sand up is a different challenge all together. Working with only possibilities and ideas, we were challenged to create a brand story that would resonate with the wealthiest of the wealthy. Through deep discovery and a unique partnership we uncovered a positioning that cleared the path for the right brand. We went through brand and communication positioning, naming, brand creation and verbal and visual vocabulary creation. 

My Role

Strategy, Planning, Writing, Creative Direction




Kakona - Many Blessings

Team Members

Lucas Alvarez - Designer

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"Kakona" comes from the term "Seneca Kakona" (Many Blessings). A term from the dead language spoken on the Abaco islands in the past. It was the perfect fit and launched an idea that shaped the concept of the resort.

Purpose was built into every aspect of the brand. Event the icon that represents the development is the colorful painted bunting, a bird that travels far but always returns to its home in the Abaco islands.

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The brand was launched in Beijing, China at one of the most important real estate shows in the world. Key investments would soon follow, placing the resort on the fast track. Kakona quickly fulfilled its first round of funding with the brand story serving as a catalyst for increased interest.

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