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Revealing the True Value of a Brand

Cheribundi is a tart cherry juice that is incredibly healthy. The company had grown slowly through partnerships and distribution and was now ready to make the leap from a regional business to a national brand. To do that they needed a strong positioning in the competitive world of health and performance beverages. We found the positioning that would allow for success within the core purpose of the company. A purpose that promoted good things at every level of the business.

My Role

Strategy, Planning, Writing, Creative Direction




Keep Good In

Team Members

Lucas Alvarez - Designer

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We went through a full brand evolution with Cheribundi working on their verbal and visual vocabulary. Starting with some valuable research that helped build a tight strategy overall, we crafted a brand story that revealed a unique personality. The Keep Good In positioning allowed Cheribundi to tell a positive story at every level from manufacturing to consumer benefit.

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We handled digital, social and all brand development after the new brand launch. Our message focused on the benefits of keeping good things in your body and life. It was a message that would only resonate if it came from a core truth about the company.

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- Aly Raismen

Olympic champion gymnast

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People took notice of the new brand story as engagement spiked. The success of the new positioning and brand evolution created a high level of trust that lead to an expansion of the relationship. We became involved with brand innovation, packaging, and took over all digital assets. We pushed Cheribundi to MeanMore as a company and built belonging along the way.