Building a Workforce of Believers

Grainger has a pretty manly culture. The company needed to heighten awareness and acceptance of sustainable practices internally. They believe sustainability is important for the world they operate in but also just as important for a healthy business.​ Together, we looked for ways to connect sustainability to a large and diverse internal audience that was full of skeptics. We needed the employees to feel like sustainable practices belonged inside Grainger.


Strategy, Planning, Writing, Creative Direction




Done Right

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Company pride is very strong internally. Employees truly believe in Grainger as a force for good in their personal lives. They are completely bought in to the Grainger philosophy and would be willing to embrace sustainability if presented correctly.

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We tapped into their personal pride and company belief to prove that sustainability is vital to the future of the company.​ From that insight came Grainger's sustainability foundation, built to inspire and involve employees nationally: Done Right 


We launched the Done Right platform internally to huge success through all avenues of internal media. The platform was embraced by employees 

because of its direct connection to the the Grainger brand.

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Employee engagement shot up into the 80th percentile proving that when an audience truly feels a sense of belonging amazing things happen.