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It's one thing to brand a business and quite another to brand a branding agency.

The Partnership was an agency with a long legacy that needed a new brand purpose after a merger. As a small agency of around fifteen employees, they needed a brand positioning that would allow them to compete against much larger agencies. They needed to say something competitors couldn't and so the Art of Belonging was born.

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Strategy, Planning, 

Creative Direction, Writing



The Partnership

The Art of Belonging

The Team

Lucas Alvarez - Designer

Being experts in creating a sense of belonging between clients and their consumers was only the first part of the story. To be truly unique the brand had to embrace the value of belonging at every level internally and externally.

This was a complete rebrand, defining purpose, personality, and brand design in a whole new light.

And, of course, everything created had to connect back to the logic behind a focus on "belonging."

With a name like "The Partnership", the brand better be focused on building strong connections. 

That basic need was the foundation behind the agency's new mark. For the agency to think and speak differently, the idea of belonging needed to be shared equally between the agency, the agency's client, and the client's consumer.




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