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The Indiana Cheese Trail

The dairy industry has been in decline across the country for the last two decades. This fact is no different even in a heartland state like Indiana. The ADAI needed help to inspire a feeling of pride in citizens and businesses alike that would create much needed support for Indiana dairy farmers. This was an idea that was brought to the client as a solution. It's a great example of what happens when agencies stop working for clients and create a sense of belonging with them instead.

My Role

Strategy, Planning, Writing, Creative Direction


American Dairy Association Indiana


The Indiana Cheese Trail

Team Members

Lucas Alvarez - Designer

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The research gave us an open door to create an effort that would help people see dairy differently. The effort not only needed to help support farms in the state, but it also needed to open opportunities for corporate and small business partnership.

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Through existing and new research it was clear that a cheese trail could hit all of the goals we set with the client. A review of existing cheese trails nationwide show very little effort to create unique experiences from communication to farm. The opportunity to craft an experience that would play nationally was solid.

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The Indiana Cheese Trail was built to be a coalition effort that would be funded by local corporations and businesses as well as partnerships with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The effort is more than a simple cheese trail, it's a true state pride effort lead by the ADAI.

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